My clientele consists of runners, powerlifters, triathletes, and exercise enthusiasts who want to transition toward a plant-based diet. But mainly, I help endurance athletes become faster and more resilient.

With my background in distance running and strength training, I became interested in how gym work could give endurance athletes a performance edge. Turns out, many runners and triathletes are still a bit unaware of the latest science. They aren´t sure how to periodize their strength training, or which exercises to use. This is my forte!

My easy-to-use coaching app helps us stay in touch every training day. I receive all of your HR and GPS data automatically, in addition to feedback from yourself. You can always ask an urgent question via Whatsapp, and get an immediate reply.

We discuss your progress during our monthly calls, and strength and running form can be checked via video. I have clients all over Europe, your location is not an obstacle!

As a coaching customer of K3, you also support the Strength For A Reason project coaching recovering addicts and the Food For A Reason food aid project.

Please contact me via the form on this page, or via e-mail


249 € / month




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